There's a ton to learn about the environment! The textbook is only a supplement. Your T and T webpages and lab notebook are other resources you should be consulting. Here is a page where you can keep the topics straight!
Ideally, you're following along in class, but if not; check out the posted notes on the other page to make sure you can answer these questions:

Text: pg 198 - 282


Given scenarios, can you pinpoint the independent variable (that which you change) and the dependent variable (the measured outcome)?
Why is a control necessary? Can you state one based upon a scientific scenario?


What is the 1st law?
What is the 2nd law?
What are the 6 major forms of energy discussed in class?
What is the Law of Conservation of Matter?
What does biodegradable really mean? Be able to define it well.
What type of farm requires more space ultimately? Grain or Cattle? Why? How is that explained by the Laws of Thermodynamics?
How can a meat-eater contribute more CO2 to the atmosphere than an SUV?
Make a food chain with properly labeled producers, #'d consumer.
Be able to calculate the amount of calories available in any food chain level.
Why do food chains have a limit to the number of members?
Of decomposers, autotrophs, and heterotrophs, which one is least significant in life? Defend your answer.
Understand the purpose and major steps of: the nitrogen cycle; the carbon cycle


What is organic?
In order to provide food for the largest number of people in a location, what are the factors that must be considered? If you were in charge, how could you accomplish this task?
What is a monoculture and why be concerned?
Why did farming become industrialized? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this method?
What are the alternatives to factory farming?


What is soil? Where does it come from?
What nutrients are required in soil? Why?
Why is aeration important?
How does particle size relate to aeration and percolation?
Can you interpret a soil profile (interpret graph)?
What is compost? Benefits? Drawbacks?
Why are excessive nitrates and phosphates concerning?
What are the causes of leaching and why is it bad?
Discuss the different types of fertilizers; site benefits and drawbacks.
How can you decrease erosion?
What is aquaponics? What are its advantages and disadvantages? When would it make sense to use it to grow food?


Pests and Pesticides: what is the benefit to protecting against pests and what are the drawbacks? List several.
GMO's: why are people so concerned? What are they? Why do many environmentalists disagree with them?
What is the difference between genetically modified organisms and artificial selection methods?
What is bioaccumulation? What is the 'story' of DDT?
Compare and contrast: selective pesticides and broad-spectrum pesticides
What is "IPM"? Describe an example in detail.