Asbestos Wikispace
By:Zoey Rosoff-Verbit and Christine Bieber

What is Asbestos:
Asbestos is a mineral fiber. Only with a special type of microscope can it be positively identified. It was added to a variety of products to provide heat insulation, fire resistance and strengthen them. From studies of people who were effected by it in mines, factories and shipyards, we know that breathing high levels of these fibers can lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma (a cancer of the lining of the chest and the abdominal cavity) and lungs may become scarred with fibrous tissue called asbestosis. It is dangerous because it is friable when it is disturbed. when its disturbed, it will break up into microscopic particles, particles which can be airborne. If these particles are inahled, they can penetrate the tissues of the lungs. Abestosis is the disease that cause shortness of breath and a cough due to inhaling.
What The Effects Were:
The event of the Ambler Asbestos Plant involves its three asbestos-containing waste piles and a series of filter bed lagoons. Asbstos products began dumping it's waste next to the ambler plant. Today the estimated volume for the amount of contaiminated waste in these piles is over 1½ million cubic yards. These contaminated wastes are also hazardous wastes. The dumping of these wastes is said to have started in the 1930's, the factory closed in the 1970's and and there is still wastes on the site today. Cleaning the site began in 2008. While investigating the site it was found that the air, ground water, soil, sediments, and surface water were all contaminated with asbestos. The Federal Government had to pay for the cleaning of the abandoned site. The Goverment must pay for the cleaning up of a site if it is on the National Priorities List. This site was indeed on the list but was taken off after only a few months.
What Lessons Were Learned:
They found asbestos in the soil and on the equipment in the Locust Street Playground. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Pennsylvania Department of Health certified the pile as presenting an immediate threat to the public. EPA gained $935,670 in CERCLA emergency funds to cover Nicolet's Piles with soil and to establish vegetation. EPA obtained a court order onto the site. Work is almost done except for installation of a drainage system. EPA has developed a work plan for an enforcement-Lead investiagtion to determine the extent of the contamination at the site and to identify alternatives for remedial action. The Superfund site- the company had to pay for clean up.
The Alternative:
A recent alternative to asbestos was found in Tokyo, Japan. The material is made from foamed natural graphite mixed with a small amount of aramid fibre